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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all you need to know regarding our class schedule for daily activities as well as the schedule for specials. 

Mrs. Swanson’s Kindergarten: Daily Schedule

8:20-8:45 Morning Meeting

Students will participate in calendar, counting, and weather activities while being provided opportunities to serve as a leader in class and participate in activities that build our classroom community. 

8:45-9:00 Brain Gym and Movement

Students will participate in active learning activities designed to energize their brains while improving their abilities to focus and learn. 

9:00-10:00 Core Knowledge Language Arts

Students will participate in lessons designed to improve their phonemic awareness and phonics skills. 

10:00-10:30 Recess

10:30-10:45 Core Knowledge Stories and Listening Students will participate by listening to or reading along with stories selected from the core knowledge curriculum.

10:44-11:15 Lunch

11:15-11:45 Writing

Students will participate in guided, shared, and independent writing activities and will be provided opportunities to share their writing with one another. 

11:45-12:30 Math

Students will participate in math center rotations designed to teach and reinforce a large array of math skills including numbers, shapes, measurement, estimating, and graphing. Students will also participate in guided math groups which will target the individual needs of each student. 

12:30-1:00 Recess

1:00-1:45 Science and Social Studies

Students will participate in investigative, multi-sensory activities designed around numerous interesting and culturally diverse units of study.  

1:45-2:00 Snack

2:00-2:45 Specials 

2:45-3:15 Passion Projects

Students will choose one of three topics that they are interested in learning more about and travel to another kindergarten classroom (if necessary) to pursue this interest. All 3 kindergarten teachers have chosen a topic they are passionate about and these topics are the choices provided to students. For the first Passion Project units the following options were provided by the kindergarten team:

•Fairytale STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Experiments-Mrs. Swanson

•Drawing and other Art Activities-       Mrs. Lear

•The Solar System-

Mr. Stewart 

Your child should be able to tell you which passion project they are currently participating in. 

3:15-3:20 Pack and Dismissal

Students will be dismissed from the white square painted on the blacktop by the playground. 


Specials Schedule: Mrs. Swanson’s 2019-2020 Kindergarten

Specials Schedule will be updated each quarter.